Monday, July 6, 2009

My Martha Stewart Moment

Hi Ref,

Long time, no blogging. But I am here now and I am excited to share with you the details of Milly's 1st birthday party. It was a low-key affair, but one in keeping with Milly's refined nature. Needing to cater for adults and children, I choose a simple selection of sweet and savoury delights. Cupcakes with pink butter icing; walnut, honey and rosemary tart; leek, sweet potato, mushroom and feta frittatas; and tea sandwiches - chicken & baby spinach, cheese and beetroot chutney and, the classic, smoked salmon and cream cheese. Drinks were champagne, of course, and beer, lemonade, and tea and coffee.

The birthday cake was Pauline's Famous Banana Cake, which I blinged up with vanilla buttercream icing and silver cashous. The '1' candle was a kitsch, but neccessary addition to the cake!

The only decorations were the tissue paper poms, in bright colours (made with the help of my obliging family). They were such an nice alternative to balloons (not that there is anything wrong with balloons!!) and looked really festive. I loved them!

Anyway, check out the pics. It was a gorgeous day, really relaxed but very special for my beautiful girl.


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