Monday, November 29, 2010

I say, tomatoes?

No, this is not a hacker - it is I!!! Ginger! (I have to be her, because that makes me Ginger Rogers!)

Motivated by your refusal to let the blog die (and rightly so!), I have found the time and, indeed, the inspiration to post something. Actually, I have a few things I want to share with you, though some are projects-in-process, so you can look forward to a couple of 'before-and-afters' in the future.

First though, I want to introduce you to my new friend, Tracey.

Christmas came early for Clan Pryor-Rogers and Santa was generous enough to bring me Tracey (as in Moffatt!), a Canon EOS 1000D. He also brought me an ice-cream maker, Simon an iPad and Milly a dolls house, so it's a very quiet house at the moment, as we all play with our new toys.

Tracey's job will be to help me find the time and motivation to keep you updated with all domestic activities happening on this side of the pond. Though, of course, she will also help reunite us in just under a month's time, when she snaps us in the same frame!

Today, Tracey and I want to share with you my new kitchen garden.

It's early days, but the hanging tomato planters have already yielded a harvest.

The herbs are from top left, coriander, sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary and basil. The coriander didn't last a week, but it was an
ambitious thought to begin with. I'll replace it will something a bit hardier.

Feeling very good about getting something done outside of work!! And the fact it involved power tools made it all the greater!

Glad to hear you got home from Dublin despite the snow. I look forward to your pics. I wish I had some summery shots to contrast them, but the weather here is rubbish and as you can see from this photo from this morning, it looks more like July than November.

I think we chose a good December to come to the UK, as it seems Sydney will offer little more than rain and disappointment for most of summer!

Counting down the days.

All my love,
S. x

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My New Space!

When I typed 'My New Space' into the title, pre-emptive text showed me that I had already had a post called that. In fact, I potentially have 2 posts with that title on this blog, because this indeed is my 3rd 'new' space since we started this blog. And what chapters each have opened.

As you know, I am living in Tooting Broadway, SW179RB to be exact. I'm living with Nell, Sarah and Louie the French bulldog. My room is small but with only a suitcase on arrival, it is all I needed. The benefit of the small room means the rent is cheap and I get the pleasure of living in a gorgeous house, set up similar to the type of place I would set up- comfortable and with homely pleasures.

So you no longer have to imagine what my place looks like, I am attaching some pics of my current space. These pics were taken when I first got here in September- obviously. It is distinctly grey'er now...
My new home in seeley road and my baby bedroom below.

The back yard, a pic taken from a day when we had a Moroccan feast at our house and the bottom one is Louie catching some sunshine in the loungeroom...

Best of all, you will get to see it yourself soon! xxxsj

Monday, November 22, 2010

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3...

What are we like?

I say that for two reasons... because really, what are we like.. 9 months, no posts.

Secondly, cause it is my favourite thing that Londoners say. And as a Londoner now, I hear it a lot.

I am not going to try and fill in the gaps for the last 9 months right now- it is 9.42pm here and I am tiiiired, but this is like my notice of intention. Intent to fill the 9 month gap in, probably with some sort of a photo collage actually- everyone loves a photo collage. And I will update it right up to Saturdays activities- eating at Gordon Ramsay's 'The Narrows' for lunch and getting home 18 hours later.... wishing you were there eating, drinking wine, then dancing the night away with me.

For now though, sleeping to try and recover some of the hours in sleep I lost over the weekend...

Love you, hope Coffs is wonderful. Give your Mum, Dad and of course Miss Milly a kiss for me.