Saturday, February 28, 2009

Favourite corner

The photo doesn't do it justice at all (I really need to learn how to take better photos!) but I just wanted to share my favourite corner of the house. The flowers are from Court - they are our wedding flowers for our anniversary!


Friday, February 27, 2009


I have seen her new website and love it! I did love the blog too and I liked seeing pics of stuff she had found in her own blogging, but respect the way she is headed!

Re the amazing magnetic wallpaper, looks GREAT! I heard though that the magnetic paint (which is also available(!!)) doesn't hold much weight, so it has made me a bit wary of the magnetic wallpaper. If I am going to get any wallpaper, it is some beautiful, rich wallpaper to do underneath the kitchen counter with. mmmm....

Bryon Bay was great. We went to the bead shop in the art and craft estate and I went bead crazy- see attached pic. Doesn't look like much, but that was, heartstoppingly, $103.50 worth of beads. Who knew all of those pretty little beads could cost so much! It can be justified easily though- they will make good gifts, I won't need to buy any new jewellery (sp?!) for a while and um... well they will keep me busy!

I just got home, put some veges in the steamer- broc, squash, mushrooms and corn and am going to have a glass of red and some veges and get bead busy.

Love you lot's.. sj

Thursday, February 26, 2009

OH EM GEE.... have you seen Belinda Graham's new blog at and more specifically, have you read about magnetic paper??!!! Oh the things we could do with magnetic paper!!!!!
Well, Ref, you have put me to shame. 9 posts!!! I was very excited to see everything you have been doing. It's all happening at Chez Mailer!!

So, what have I been working on? Well, there is the bedroom, but I am 'this close' to finishing it, so I will keep you in suspense I bit longer on that one. But most of my time has been taken up lately with printing jumpers and t-shirts, and working on the magazine. Both very exciting!!!

I am keen to get Flo&Jo happening, as once I have all the clothes up on Etsy, it should take care of itself. I just need to finish a couple more designs and I can get it going. I want to have all of them ready before I start selling, to get maximum exposure.

On the weekend, I did two new designs and printed them on the organic cotton tshirts I received during the week. What do you think? Behind the butterfly one are my labels that I printed up on cream cotton. I am going to hand sew these into the clothes. I love them!!

These are some of the jumpers I've done.

On the magazine front, things are coming along nicely. We've nearly completed the media kit, so we can start sending that out to potential advertisers. I've also written a column, which I will share with you in a more private sphere. I think we should have the mag ready for distribution by Easter! Yippeeee!!

Hope you are having a relaxing evening. I'm off for a few drinks at Olga's place with the girls.

S xxx

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dining Tables..

I love these three pics of dining tables. This is the sort of table I am after, with the different colour and shape chairs. Nothing too crazy, something similar to what is shown in the second picture in the bottom right.
I also love the 3 low lights in the bottom picture...

The good thing is that these things are cheap to buy and find! I have started trawling thrift shops and garage sales already! Whoever said I had champagne taste can eat their words. Only half of them though as I do have a beer budget.


Backyard PRE pulling out (then replacing!) trees

I just found a picture of the BEFORE shot of the backyard

Lounge and Dining..

Ok Ref, Last post for the day then you should almost be up to date!

This is of the living dining area- as the header so obviously states. My plans for this area are the ones I can't wait for the most. In the dining area, where the brown sofa bed currently is, I want to put a white buffet, preferably an old one that has been painted white, along that wall and then do my photo wall above it. I have been collecting white and silver frames and getting pics printed to put in them. Yesterday I actually found two old gold frames (antiquey gold, not brassy) that I have black and white pics in that I think will look good to break up the white and silver. Depending on the type of buffet, will be what I put on it, if anything.

I then want to find an old looking table and put different chairs around it. I will post some pics of the type of thing I mean.

For the study area though, I am not too sure what to do. I want to put shelves on either side of the kitchen counter (underneath) and then between the shelves, wallpaper it. Does that make sense?
Anyway, another work in progress.. Will try find pics of the stuff I would like.
On the posts, do you know how to label the photos?
Love sj ♥

Snakes and Ladders

Dear Ref,

Me again!
One of the things I have been doing in my creative space, besides drinking port and eating dark chocolate.., is making snakes and ladders for Bryn. It is not quite finished yet. I was thinking I might go to Vinnies on the weekend and see if they have any old board games that I can paste it onto. Also need to make some marker thingy's and get a dice- hopefully this will also come in the vinnie's board game.

Love SJ ♥

Getting you up to Date b)The Garden

Dear Ref,

I just wrote you a really long 'get up to date on my garden' (eerrrm..?) and I don't know what happened but it was lost! So now, it is going to be garden speed dating.. See pics for detail.

The Vege Garden- Is where the pine sleepers are. I started digging it out on Sunday but because we had so much rain last week, it was just water underneath so have to wait till the soil dries out.
Back Left Garden- While I couldn't dig up the vege garden, I decided to busy myself with the other areas of the garden that I didn't really like. This was the one I least liked so I took out the tall Alexandra palm and we gave it to a guy at work and moved the two cane palms. I don't know exactly what I am going to put there instead just yet, but glad to see where it's going.

Car Port- We are going to turn this into an undercover area. Johns tools are all currently in the magna, which needs to go to the wreckers. Once we have built a tool shed under the house, moved the tools in there, taken the empty magna to the wreckers, we will be able to start on the carport.

Garden along right side fence- This also got an overhaul yesterday. Every fern I saw, I took out. No more ferns. Not sure what is going here yet either.
Balcony Garden- Has been reserved for my succulent growing purposes and also my chilli and basil plant.. I have lots of little succulents now so when you visit, I will be able to give you some!
Love SJ ♥

Getting you up to Speed! a) My Creative Space

Dear Ref,

I am very excited about this new blog. I have lot's to share with you and am glad you will be able to see it all in photos too!

The first thing I wanted to do is to share my 'creative space' with you. My photography skills are not so flash (pardon the pun!), so if you have any hot tips, let me know.

It is certainly a work in progress still but it is growing every day so I will be sure to give you updates.

♥ SJ

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three..

I think I have set it up ok, Ref.
Over and Out..