Thursday, August 27, 2009

I heart Christina..

Dearest Referendum,

I write to you to share a new love of mine...

As you have been aware for some time now, Amy Butler has had quite a fan in me with her lush, rich and heartwarming fabrics, however my heart has been stolen by another. That of Christina Lundsteen and UNION.EIGHTEEN.

I am not sure if I have fallen more in love with Christina, or Chrissy as I will call her, or the stylist that styles her shoot. Both make me swoon and provide me with an overwhelming urge to buy an apartment where I can paint the floorboards, put the richest wallpaper up, some damp lighting and throw a morroccan feast on the floor, lit up with the most organic of candles and infused with the most delicious aromas of homemade cooking... sssiiiiigggghhhh.....

My other new love is UNION.EIGHTEEN. Now, while I thought the scene before was enough for me to live happily ever after, the scene could not be set without going in to my lounge area to grap the hooka for an after dinner treat of apple cinnamon tobacco (crossing cultures here, I know but stick with me...) and being able to step accross my UNION.EIGHTEEN rug (draped accross my painted floorboards) in my bare (but beautifully pedicured) feet.

A UNION.EIGHTEEN rug is as original as it gets. The concept behind their company is that they collect recycled pieces of carpet and stitch them together to make a rug- kind of like a patchwork quilt. Each rug is therefore original and made by hand, yet while each rug is dictated by the remanants found by it's creator and the size provided by it's owner to be, each one is put together and finished off with the same accuracy of a carefully crafted eames chair. (Note: I don't have the pleasure of having an Eames chair however I imagine they are seamless).. (Um, well I don't mean the rugs are seamless because it is the seams that make them even more attractive. I mean it is similar to an eames chair in that they are also mastercrafted. Yes, that is what I mean).. ssssiiiiggghhh again...

I'm off to consider my Moroccan feast menu..


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