Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hi Ginger, Hi Annie...

Dearest Ginger,

Well, again I find myself rekindling with this space. Every time I write here, I feel sad that I left it so long. I suppose like a good friend, you can go without speaking for a while and when you do see each other again it is still warm and toasty, and it is with these feelings that I once again reconnect with Rhubarb and Ginger.

I've found myself in a 'space' again- a space that makes me want to roll in a room full of home decor magazines, bake cupcakes till midnight in a handmade apron, or be lost in a field with only a camera. A space where I can wake up and see the strand of necklace that I fell asleep putting together the night before, be writing a book on the shore of the Amalfi or sat by a print press making organic tshirts for Milly.

In a home away from home, I am combining my resources. And it is this one resource in particular that I am currently focusing on that becomes the topic of this post.. my new adopted friend, Annie.

Annie (Leibovitz) and Tracey are going to be best of friends. See, I have been spending some time with my new friend, Trevor (It should be mentioned that Trev is a real person). He is a friend that I met through work and we get on great. He has been very kind and letting me spend time with Annie- his Canon EOS 550D. I am a huge fan and am going to make the purchase soon to get my own. So while I can't show you any pics of Annie yet because I am yet to buy her, I can show you some that I took the other week on an excursion to Leeds castle with Trevors own Annie. As a birder, I hope you will appreciate these!

You will also be proud to know that I have been published already. Yes, that's right, my phtography career is exploding before the puchase of my very own camera. On Saturday night I went to a gig of Trevs band and was official photographer. So should you like to buy one of the photos from their website, please pay your royalties direct to me..

Love you,

Rhubarb.. xx

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  1. Oh my god, that shot of the white bird is incredible!! You are a hidden talent!

    So are you moving? xxxxx