Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Writing is on the Wall...

My perfectly matching, unmatching, chairs.
On the wall that the sofa bed is against now, I would love a buffet or 'credenza' (I just like to use that word) and above it would be the picture wall. At this stage, I am holding off on holes in the wall but have been collecting great old pics of my grandparents, us, Mum, and I am going to Dads today for some album trawling just for that!! Oh, and to share a bottle or four and a cigar with him..

My slightly improved yet still quite tragic photography shills do not do justice to the amount of light and the feeling of airiness in here now! The couch needs to go, but as Mum and Dad's couch that they bought just before I was born, the sentimental value combined with the cost of a new couch means that for now, the couch stays. The doona cover on the doona that is resting over the couch is mine from when I was a kid! I just loved it then and still adore it now!

Ok- give me your thoughts on the mirror placement. I really like it how it is but people keep asking me where I am going to hang it! At what stage does individuality and personal creativity in your house become uninspiring or pointless when others 'just don't get it'? Never, I say. I love it, so it stays!!!

Again, couch needs to go. Although, I think I just need more cushions. I did have around 5 on there but took them off as Spencer doesn't like them on there. And who am I to tell Spencer that they must be there? If the dog doesn't want cushions, there shall be no cushions! Perhaps my path to millions will be an invention for revitalising couches- 'the alternative cushion, by SJ'... It certainly has a ring to it..

While I think the trend of writing on the wall has perhaps done it's dash, I will once again stand by my word that if I like it, it stays. I have always wanted 'indulge' on the wall in my kitchen and one weekend when I decided to have a couple of hours break from painting furniture, I went out looking in some local galleries for inspiration and found it! I ummm'd and aahhh'd, but my ooohhh's were the overwhelming sounds coming from my glossy and paint speckled lips.. So there it stands, in the kitchen, the place where I most love to indulge myself.

Hi Ref!
Well, as promised, I have attached photos of the 'renovation rescue' outcomes that have now been lovingly placed around the house. I was going to call them the 'finishing touches', but I feel like there are still things I want to do and that it will perhaps always be an evolving project.
Looking at these photos and considering potential future projects, makes me realise that I do truly love this house. On one hand, I would be very sad to lose it, but then on the other, I know that I could make any space mine. We will see what time brings!

I showed Mum the outcome and while she is not sold on the unmatched (which I keep telling her are perfectly matched!) chairs, she loves it too- particularly the pics where you can see bits of Spencer. (I don't know if I posted these- it will be like 'Where's Wally'!) She does also say though, that the Dollshouse that my Dad made for me when I was 6 that she has had to house for me since that age, would look reeeeeally good anywhere in the house. I think though, in fact there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, that she is VERY keen for me to take the responsibilty for it.
It's Friday today and I am soooo glad to be with Mum! We had a great night last night chatting, playing scrabble and drinking champagne and chocolate port. Not together obviously, it was just a natural progression to go from champagne to scrabble and choc port. She has gone to work so I am taking the time to post these pics, have a cup of tea and I am going to continue reading 'sex, thugs and rock and roll'. It is the Billy Thorpe story and I just LOVE it already. It may even surpass my love for 'Scar Tissue' as my fave rock out with your c*ck out story! It's not as dark and is set in Kings Cross, when Surf City was the place to go to do the stomp, the pink pussycat was where you went for quality molls and when Billy Thorpe was just 17, making his way into the world of Sex, thugs and rock and roll! It's great! I am lending it to Paul when I am finished but will get him to send it to you when he has!
Will post a couple of pics of the changes to 'My Space' at home, then will catch up with you later.
Love you like the Aztecs must miss Billy :-(

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