Monday, April 27, 2009

Dad and Dave.. and Me..

I thought you would like the one of me bending over- true form..

Me with Saint Niklaus- Dutch Santa...

I think Dave would be horrified to know I have posted this pic!
I however, am once again posing in true form, shrugging shoulders- 'I don't know...'

Dad going to the Deb ball and Dave ohhhh so cute...

Um, I am quite sure my Dad might have dabbled in recreational chemical enhancements by the look of this photo on the right....

Hi Ref!

I hope you are well and happy and that Angel Child and Boy Ref are also well!!
With mothers day coming up, I have been giving some thought to what I can get my mum. I always find her difficult to buy for but this year I think I have found the perfect solution. It is a book from Kikki K that prompts questions about your memories and experiences with your mum- check it out!

It also got me thinking about Dad's birthday this year. He turned 59 (oh my goodness!) so Dave and I decided that I would fly down and we would both devote a weekend to hanging out with him, just eating, drinking and talking. We hired a scanner that can scan multiple photos at a time and went through all of Dads photos (literally tens of thousands), put them into an order and saved them on a terrabyte. It was a great weekend- we spent a lot of time reliving the good ol days, chatting, and laughing over old pics. I have attached some here for you so that you too can have a laugh.
Love you lot's.. sjxx

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