Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's not time to make a change, just relax, take it easy...

Dear Ref,
Well, my baby has sold- that's right, my gorgeous little dream home that I put my heart and soul into, is going to someone else. Thankfully it is going to a really nice couple who I think will love it almost as much- she cried when we accepted the offer- but it doesn't make it a whole lot less heartbreaking.

So in the absence of photo's of current projects around my home, I have taken a trip down memory lane. I know we have been there before but this time it has been really nice looking back at photos of the people that created me. Going through a seperation has started to make me reassess who I really am and what parts of me I may have compromised while in a relationship. I am thankful to John in a lot of ways that he never made me change who I am- which as he once defined and which I think he was on the money for, as quirky, genuine and loyal. Looking at the photo's of the people who brought me into this world and then nutured me even to the day, I can see where these 3 afore mentioned characteristics were derived from and I am very proud to be carrying them through into mine and the peoples lives around me that appreciate that. As someone that knows me very well, I have no doubt these photos will mean the same to you!

So while the trip down memory lane has been quick, it has also been significant. I realise that I will always be the same true person, perhaps just doing different things at different times. And I am grateful too that as I get older, I feel more confident to be the person that I am! I hope I can pass these characteristics onto Spencer and should I ever have children, onto them as well...

Love you long time,

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