Thursday, November 25, 2010

My New Space!

When I typed 'My New Space' into the title, pre-emptive text showed me that I had already had a post called that. In fact, I potentially have 2 posts with that title on this blog, because this indeed is my 3rd 'new' space since we started this blog. And what chapters each have opened.

As you know, I am living in Tooting Broadway, SW179RB to be exact. I'm living with Nell, Sarah and Louie the French bulldog. My room is small but with only a suitcase on arrival, it is all I needed. The benefit of the small room means the rent is cheap and I get the pleasure of living in a gorgeous house, set up similar to the type of place I would set up- comfortable and with homely pleasures.

So you no longer have to imagine what my place looks like, I am attaching some pics of my current space. These pics were taken when I first got here in September- obviously. It is distinctly grey'er now...
My new home in seeley road and my baby bedroom below.

The back yard, a pic taken from a day when we had a Moroccan feast at our house and the bottom one is Louie catching some sunshine in the loungeroom...

Best of all, you will get to see it yourself soon! xxxsj

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