Monday, November 22, 2010

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3...

What are we like?

I say that for two reasons... because really, what are we like.. 9 months, no posts.

Secondly, cause it is my favourite thing that Londoners say. And as a Londoner now, I hear it a lot.

I am not going to try and fill in the gaps for the last 9 months right now- it is 9.42pm here and I am tiiiired, but this is like my notice of intention. Intent to fill the 9 month gap in, probably with some sort of a photo collage actually- everyone loves a photo collage. And I will update it right up to Saturdays activities- eating at Gordon Ramsay's 'The Narrows' for lunch and getting home 18 hours later.... wishing you were there eating, drinking wine, then dancing the night away with me.

For now though, sleeping to try and recover some of the hours in sleep I lost over the weekend...

Love you, hope Coffs is wonderful. Give your Mum, Dad and of course Miss Milly a kiss for me.


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