Friday, February 27, 2009


I have seen her new website and love it! I did love the blog too and I liked seeing pics of stuff she had found in her own blogging, but respect the way she is headed!

Re the amazing magnetic wallpaper, looks GREAT! I heard though that the magnetic paint (which is also available(!!)) doesn't hold much weight, so it has made me a bit wary of the magnetic wallpaper. If I am going to get any wallpaper, it is some beautiful, rich wallpaper to do underneath the kitchen counter with. mmmm....

Bryon Bay was great. We went to the bead shop in the art and craft estate and I went bead crazy- see attached pic. Doesn't look like much, but that was, heartstoppingly, $103.50 worth of beads. Who knew all of those pretty little beads could cost so much! It can be justified easily though- they will make good gifts, I won't need to buy any new jewellery (sp?!) for a while and um... well they will keep me busy!

I just got home, put some veges in the steamer- broc, squash, mushrooms and corn and am going to have a glass of red and some veges and get bead busy.

Love you lot's.. sj


  1. Ref, the beads are BEWIDIFUL!!! Definitely worth the money. I wish my birthday was sooner. Were you inspired by Tash's SIL? I don't know where you'll find the time between gardening and interior design, but I imagine jewellery (spell check!) making will be very relaxing.


  2. I know, I am making myself VERY busy, but that's ok. It is all fun and I would rather be busy than bored! Especially when it is so rewarding.

    Today was a garden day. I took photos, of course, so I can show you our progress. I am soooooooo excited about what is ahead! I will post them soon.

    I am so glad you like the jewells (for the love of god, how do you spell it!). Stay posted for a speacial delivery xx