Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lounge and Dining..

Ok Ref, Last post for the day then you should almost be up to date!

This is of the living dining area- as the header so obviously states. My plans for this area are the ones I can't wait for the most. In the dining area, where the brown sofa bed currently is, I want to put a white buffet, preferably an old one that has been painted white, along that wall and then do my photo wall above it. I have been collecting white and silver frames and getting pics printed to put in them. Yesterday I actually found two old gold frames (antiquey gold, not brassy) that I have black and white pics in that I think will look good to break up the white and silver. Depending on the type of buffet, will be what I put on it, if anything.

I then want to find an old looking table and put different chairs around it. I will post some pics of the type of thing I mean.

For the study area though, I am not too sure what to do. I want to put shelves on either side of the kitchen counter (underneath) and then between the shelves, wallpaper it. Does that make sense?
Anyway, another work in progress.. Will try find pics of the stuff I would like.
On the posts, do you know how to label the photos?
Love sj ♥

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  1. I love the retro buffets with glass sliding doors! Is that the sort you had in mind? I tend to avoid glass doors (ie on our lounge shelves, where we went for the frost glass) because I like to be able to hide the mess away, but in a buffet, it would become a display cabinet. I can imagine an old one painted white. Gorgeous!!! While you're at Vinnies looking for board games, you should keep your eye out for interesting china or glass to display in your buffet....

    If indeed that is the sort you mean!!

    I am going to do the picture wall/different frame idea in the bedroom, with silver, white and black frames, with maybe one red one (shiny, lacquery, ornate red!) to break it up. I can't wait to see yours for inspiration!

    Oh, and the different chairs on the dining table: I know exactly what you mean... and I want to do that same thing!!! There was one in RL mag last year, in a feature on a beach house. I will look it up and see which issue.