Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting you up to Date b)The Garden

Dear Ref,

I just wrote you a really long 'get up to date on my garden' (eerrrm..?) and I don't know what happened but it was lost! So now, it is going to be garden speed dating.. See pics for detail.

The Vege Garden- Is where the pine sleepers are. I started digging it out on Sunday but because we had so much rain last week, it was just water underneath so have to wait till the soil dries out.
Back Left Garden- While I couldn't dig up the vege garden, I decided to busy myself with the other areas of the garden that I didn't really like. This was the one I least liked so I took out the tall Alexandra palm and we gave it to a guy at work and moved the two cane palms. I don't know exactly what I am going to put there instead just yet, but glad to see where it's going.

Car Port- We are going to turn this into an undercover area. Johns tools are all currently in the magna, which needs to go to the wreckers. Once we have built a tool shed under the house, moved the tools in there, taken the empty magna to the wreckers, we will be able to start on the carport.

Garden along right side fence- This also got an overhaul yesterday. Every fern I saw, I took out. No more ferns. Not sure what is going here yet either.
Balcony Garden- Has been reserved for my succulent growing purposes and also my chilli and basil plant.. I have lots of little succulents now so when you visit, I will be able to give you some!
Love SJ ♥

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