Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, Ref, you have put me to shame. 9 posts!!! I was very excited to see everything you have been doing. It's all happening at Chez Mailer!!

So, what have I been working on? Well, there is the bedroom, but I am 'this close' to finishing it, so I will keep you in suspense I bit longer on that one. But most of my time has been taken up lately with printing jumpers and t-shirts, and working on the magazine. Both very exciting!!!

I am keen to get Flo&Jo happening, as once I have all the clothes up on Etsy, it should take care of itself. I just need to finish a couple more designs and I can get it going. I want to have all of them ready before I start selling, to get maximum exposure.

On the weekend, I did two new designs and printed them on the organic cotton tshirts I received during the week. What do you think? Behind the butterfly one are my labels that I printed up on cream cotton. I am going to hand sew these into the clothes. I love them!!

These are some of the jumpers I've done.

On the magazine front, things are coming along nicely. We've nearly completed the media kit, so we can start sending that out to potential advertisers. I've also written a column, which I will share with you in a more private sphere. I think we should have the mag ready for distribution by Easter! Yippeeee!!

Hope you are having a relaxing evening. I'm off for a few drinks at Olga's place with the girls.

S xxx


  1. LOVE the tops!!! The beans ad came out so well! And I LOVE the bird one too. I have developed a bit of a bird obsession myself lately.. particularly that look.

    Magazine looks great as well! Oh my gosh, how exciting!

  2. I knew you'd appreciate the bird one.


  3. I just looked at the media kit closely- it is really great! You have covered all the necessary information in a really personable yet professional approach- I love it. Love, love, love. Love that you are an editor!!