Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aunty SJ?

...Can I please have a biscuit?

Of course, Milli Vanilli. Here's an iced vo-vo. Much nicer than those Arrowroots your mother gives you. Enjoy, my sweet girl.

Thanks Aunty SJ and can I please have a glass of milk?

How about we make it Milo? Plain milk is so boring. Here you go, Milly my love.

Thanks Aunty SJ, you're my favourite Aunty.

I know darling.

Aunty SJ, can I please have this in the lounge?

Amelia... darling, listen up and listen good. if I catch you anywhere near the Amy Butler Rug and Christina Lundsteen cushions with your filthy milo and vo-vo covered hands, I will call your mother. Now get outside on the cement with your tennis ball and whatever you do, don't drop anything on the floorboards!!!

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