Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday F*wit

Well, I would like to say that my stupidity was caused to that dreaded 'Monday -itis' illness that we are all known to get once in a while. However, yesterday was Thursday so there is no excuse.

This morning I woke up, went for my daily walk with Spencer the Wonder Dog and as I have found myself doing over the last 48- 76 hours, I thought a bit about my new inspiration, Marieke. I furrowed my brown and thought furiously about how I was going to find this illusive blog of hers. I furrowed and furrowed and thought and thought until 'pop'! An Epiphany. Or should I say a meagre little fart bubble in my otherwise space cadet brain was released. More of a slow dawning really.

'Reasons Why You Hate Me', the Marieke Hardy blog I posted yesterday, is the secret blog. DERR! Her 'Farewell to Arms' post was when she outed herself to the world. Ms Fits is indeed MJH and I was the first and the last to know.

Well, whoever said I was pretty but not very smart (I believe it was YOU), was not entirely incorrect.

To make up for my embarrassment, I am going to post a cute comic I found this morning. Repeat after me, 'once I have finished reading this comic, I will forget all the garbage SJ has been going on about'...

Love you like a Roast Dinner (Roast Dinner deserves capital letters)


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