Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Milly, My Darling...

...let's sit down and read a book shall we? It is the most gorgeous book and I want to share it especially with you..

That sounds wonderful, Aunty SJ, what is it that we will read?

Well my darling girl, it is a book that has illustrations drawn by your Aunty SJ's favourite new artist, Marie Desbons ( You see, Aunty SJ has been trying to find her 'art mojo'- wondering what it is that she finds her 'taste' and what sort of artwork she might like to hang on her walls when she grows up, so to speak.

Great, Aunty SJ, I am looking forward to reading it with you.

That is great my gorgeous Milly Vanilli. Well lets go and clean our hands and feet and we can go and sit in the loungeroom on your Aunty SJ's delicious Amy Butler rug, shall we?

Oh I just love your Amy Butler rug, Aunty SJ- lets!

Now the book is in French, my love, so forgive my translation. I am going to make up the story according to the pictures and what I think the story might be... Just look at these gorgeous illustrations..!

...10 minutes pass, SJ and Milly are reading and looking at pictures....

Oh my gosh, Milly! WAKE UP! For the love of god my dear child, you are drooling on your Aunty SJ's Amy Butler rug! Now let's go and sit on the painted floorboards, shall we?!

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