Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Next Blog will be a Pie Chart...

I know, I know- it has to stop. But I can't! I just need to share with you a few, as any red blooded, blue collared men would say, 'pearlers' from MJH's blog that I think you will love... Your Mum will love them too- send them to her as well.

Ruby Keeler said... Is it just me or do you find when a newsreader says something about "the government" or "the prime minister" there's still a split second when your hackles go up, before you remember there's been a change of government?

MJH-Oh yes, all the time. And isn't it a wonderful moment when you remember with a start that almost six months ago that wee little fu*kface fell on his sword and for a brief, perfect moment everything was right with the world? I was listening to Dan Kelly's Drunk On Election Night on my ipod yesterday and experienced an intense rush of pleasure up and down my arms when I recalled exactly what that particular Saturday evening felt like. Gosh, winning can be lovely sometimes.
A good tip in preparation for your potential return to work...

"Anyway. I work in a day job where they couldn't really care too much about what I do at my desk so long as it involves something youthfully exuberant and 'on the pulse' (hackysack is particularly encouraged) so this particular website is more for you than for me. Lady and genteels, please admire from up close and don't say I never do anything nice for you. To precis: is a website set up specifically so office workers can read at their desk without being busted by 'the man', or woman if it's a particularly progressive company or organisation. It looks cannily like an average desktop though has short cuts to online novels like follows:

By clicking on a folder in one of these menus you'll be taken to the first page of an abridged novel, which may look something like this:
Why do I not work in places where they power point present such happy-looking folk? Honestly.The slightly irritating thing about the site is that a) you're reading a somewhat condensed version of otherwise great literature and b) you have to train your brain to get around reading pages like this:
But it's a small price to pay, really. Just look at this excerpt from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Ice Palace.
Now, last but not least, this is quite hilarious...


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