Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What do we want? Painted floorboards! When do we want them? NOW!!!!!

YAY REF!! Congratulations on your PROMOTION!!!! You worked hard for it and it paid off. I am so proud of you!!

And your latest blogging is so fantastic. All scored highly on the "OMG" meter. I evidently have lost all my blogging mojo, but I will get it back one day, I promise. Just too much going on in my head and also too much inspiration out there!! It's almost too much. I can't wait to have an actual SPACE that I can decorate rather than these imaginary places in my head!!

But anyway, on my latest obsession, painted floorboards (which Deb Evans has in her new house, OF COURSE, being always just an inch ahead in style and fashion at all times!! They are even fashionably worn in high traffic areas, adding that perfect shabby-chicness you can't just 'create'!) I just wanted to check you'd seen this before



Have we discussed these before? I can't remember where I first found this link but they have stuck in my mind. You probably posted them here.... bahaha if you did!

This is nice too:


There you go. Hopefully I have broken the blogging drought.

Love you like painted floorboards.


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