Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alo' Vera!!

Overdue, I know, but I have been sooo busy with the magazine!!! While M naps, I have managed to put together a list of potential advertisers and started emailing them with the media kit. I have had some interest. It hasn't gone wild yet, it has to be said, but things are brewing, Ref, I can feel it!

What we have had is the following:
- Offers of gorgeous free gifts for competitions
- An offer from the founder of Skout to write for us. She also agreed to be interviewed
- Placement as a 'Featured Member' on Skout (incredibly exciting - great exposure!)
- Applause at the preschool directors' meeting when Mum told them about the magazine... APPLAUSE REF!!! They were really excited about it.

Media kits will be posted out to CH businesses next week. Watch this space! Hey, does Tourism GC want to buy some cheap advertising? Coffs people are always going to the Goldie!

So although we haven't technically made any money yet... and there is plenty of areas where it could all go horribly wrong... we are building something great. Even if we don't make a profit on this edition (and I have no idea at this stage if we will), it doesn't matter. We will make mistakes, but we will persevere! I am so confident about this... well, it scares me a little!

In other news, the t-shirts, surprisingly, are not selling themselves, but sitting on a dining chair waiting for their labels to be sewn in. Selfish! Looks like I will need to do some work there this weekend. But they are all printed and looking fab!

I also wanted to share with you some pics from MY garden. We may live in a unit, but we are surrounded by a beautiful garden, with flowers constantly popping up. My favourite thing at the moment is when I get these incredible floral wafts through the window into our bedroom. It is divine!!! A mix of frangipani and morning glory. There is also a new aloe vera flower (bottom right) - I think it is magnificent.

Spencer is superb! Thanks for the pics and the video. I particularly like your Beevis and Butthead sniggering in the background. V funny! He is so beautiful, Ref, and he is obviously making you very happy.

Love you like a ponytail loves frangipanis.


  1. Ohh,I am so excited for you!!! I have been thinking about you LOT'S and wondering how it is all going- that is GREAT news about the offers- like I said, for the first month, that sort of support will really come in handy for you. Online reputable shops will be a good filler and while you might not make any money, the following thouseands and millions you will make and the valuable information you will be providing will make it all worth it!!

    Am so glad you put in a pic of M- how is angel child- she looks like she has put on a winter warmer kg maybe? She is filling into herself and is just perfect. Still smiling for the camera too, god bless her cotton socks.

    I LOVE your alo' vera flower- that must be one big whopping aloe vera- are you sure that's what it is? Your garden looks just gorgeous- very enchanting and I note your improved photography! Aloe to the right!!

    Glad you love Spencer too- I absolutely am so in love with him. I can't wait for you to meet him. Last night, poor RJ had to sleep on the couch cause Spence and I went to bed first and were spread right out hehe. Oh was so nice though. Last night I was lying on the bed in 'my space' reading and he fully spooned my arm- soooo cute. I got a photo but it's on my phone- annoying! Soooooo cute though. Ok, I think thats the 4th time I have said "sooo cute". It's time to go, SJ.

    Love you. Let's try to chat soon. I am backyard blitzing (and fawning over Spencer) all weekend so if you find a free moment- give me a call! xxxxx

  2. I've just noted that my aloe vera flower looks like a gymea lilly (lily?)- it is not actually 6 foot tall, that is just my awesome new photography skills!! If you look in the top left photo, you can see it there.... it is tall, but not as tall as the building.

    I will try to call this weekend. xxxxxx