Monday, March 2, 2009

Say 'Cheese' and Patchwork 101

Ok, in light of our wishes to take a better photo, I have read through a few websites and found one, which I think gives a good general overview on taking a good digital pic for each situation. You can check it out at

Also, I am aware of your penchant for collecting eye catching pieces of material- here is a link for you on how to make a patchwork quilt! I know you have lot's of time to do this with a baby, a husband, a magazine, a clothing line, 2 blogs, a dark chocolate addiction that you share with me and a house to run. Goodness, luckily we can save time in talking by blogging, otherwise you would have NO time! Anyway, here are the links...

Love you!

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  1. Oh no you don't. I CANNOT go to the Amy Butler website. I have been there before and it is a dangerous place. I was found chin down on the table, eyes boggling at the computer screen with my tongue out. It was lucky I didn't drown in a pool of my own saliva. Nope. Amy and I have to keep our distance.

    All sewing related matters have to wait until everything else is done. I stumbled, tragically, accidentally upon this site the other day: $500 for the "embroideries", rather 'felt cut-outs'???? I could do that!!! And I shall... once I launch my magazine and clothing line, raise a healthy and well-balanced child, keep a happy marriage, finish my blog posts, a block of dark chocolate and the dishes.