Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Next, Next Project..

While I have my paint stained hands busy for a while, I am already dreaming about my next project- the boudoir. I will need to take some ‘before’ photos, but it is pretty much the same as when you saw it last.

My grand idea is to do a feature wall behind the bed. I was going to get wallpaper fantastic but have decided to go paint instead- a nice darkish blue- like the one in the below image. I am going with blue, green, white and silver.

We have 3 pieces of pine, which we are going to glue together to make a bed head, cover it in the stuff you put in quilts, then wrap it in a nice silvery, blue and green fabric.

I am also going to put my tall boy and little boys on ebay, and try to find a nice low set of draws in white (let’s face it, it will prob be a vinnie’s store find in red that will need to be stripped back, sanded, undercoated (twice!) then painted twice, sometimes 3 times.

If it doesn’t work- I can wallpaper it..

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