Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spencer Charlie Mailer

Oh, Ref. I have fallen in L.O.V.E, LOVE! We got a dog yesterday, Spencer (his name was Charlie) and I am absolutely in love with him. He is the cutest dog in the world. These pics were taken by his previous owner, Kellie, of him when he was a baby. He is 6 months old now, so bigger and NO bow, but still as adorable as ever. I will post updated pics when I get a chance. For now though, I am busy getting off the couch so that he is 100% comfy, researching gourmet meatloaf recipes, teaching myself to knit organic little jumpers for him to wear etc. Ok, not quite, but considering all of the above.
Will post updated pics or a video so yuo can see better.
Also, besides getting a dog, we did have a very productive weekend, it is just that I haven't been motivated to do anything else besides talk goo goo to the dog.
Hope you love him too, love you lot's. Can't wait to hear about your weekend AND how your amazing empire is coming along!!

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