Sunday, March 1, 2009

Garden Update!

Watering soil and the finished product!

The side garden- not sure what I am doing here yet but the garden behind the carport is where the pumpkins will go eventually.

Johnny cakes watering the plants.

My inspiration for the new 'love shack'!

Hi Ref!

Well, I thought you would like an update on our vege garden- it is finally finished and we have planted the seeds! Hooray! Fresh veges in abundance, come to me! We have planted pumpkins, brocoli, rocket, lettuce, coriander, chives, beans, tomatoes, beetroot and carrots. We have also figured out some other areas that we can put more vege seeds and are thinking of doing a big pumpkin garden behind the carport- can never have too much pumpkin in winter!

While pottering around in the backyard, we have also come up with more plans! We have moved all of the tools from the magna into the laundry so that we can take the car to the wreckers. We are then going to turn the carport into an outside dining area, reminiscent of the shack in airlie! Well, shack in airlie, cross the piture shown above. I will, of course, keep you 'posted'.
So all in all, our weekend was productive. Not only did we make lot's of progress on the backyard, but we also tested the waters of garage sales. What sweet waters they are. I didn't, stupidly, take photos of our absolutely fabulous buys but will be sure to tomorrow. Needless to say, every weekend, John and I will be hitting the garage sales. He loves it too! I certainly suggest you look into this too. Sooo good and rewarding!
Love you lots ♥sj


  1. Oh my god, I thought for a second that bottom picture was from your backyard!!! I thought you had already done it, which would've caused me to instantly call Jamie Durie and tell him I had a new guru for him!

    The vege patch is great!! And I can't wait for pumpkin soup at your place in winter!!

    Garage sales are for people who have space to put things. As sad as it makes me, we do not have space for ANYTHING. But once we buy our house next year, then I will be into it.

    Actually, I shouldn't tell you this, but the other day a few doors down from us there was this fantastic old wooden packing box that would be PERFECT for a garden. I was going to go back and get it, but I honestly would have nowhere to put it. The balcony is just not big enough. Sad, I know... It was the sort of thing you see in RL mag, picked up for a steal at some antique shop.


  2. Haha, you would have been thinking, where in those photos does that fit in? Yes, Jamie Durie I am not, thankfully.

    Yes, you're right. Never speak of this loss again.