Monday, March 2, 2009

I HEART G.S 4EVA (garage sales)

Books $5

assorted gift bags- $1 per pack of 20

chest of drawers $5 (!!).

drawer handle

mirror- $10 (!)

Well, I made no effort to hide my enthusiasm for my new found passion in my last post. While it has been something that I have discussed with John and said I would prefer we didn't publicise, I wasted no time in telling you about my new favourite pastime- Garage Sales.

I took a couple of pictures of our garage sale finds from the weekend and listed the prices for your 'oh em gee'íng' purposes. I just çan't hide these from you. There are also some things I didn't photograph. eg. We bought 4 pieces of pine, which we are going to make a headboard from. We are just going to wrap it with dowl (?), whatever the quilt insides are made of, then cover it with material. I will take pics once we do it. The pine was $10.
I'm off to bed.. love you heaps! xxsj


  1. Oh em gee, indeedidoodeeee!!! That chest of drawers is fantastic! Are you going to leave it as it is? Is it original wood or has it been painted?? Gorgeous handles too.

    Don't worry, I will support you through GSA (Garage Salers Anon). It is a nasty habit to break, but a hell of a lot of fun along the way.


  2. I know, I love it too. It was bought with the intention of stripping it back and painting it white, now I am unsure if that is furniture blasphemy? It's original wood at the moment.

    We are going to paint the mirror too, a soft silvery green for the bedroom.


  3. Not blashphemy at all. I think it would look great!! And the mirror too.