Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Master and Apprentice. And trusty stead..well Spencer

Hi Ref!

I am in L.O.V.E. LOVE with the fabric you posted. The top one particularly but I can’t wait to look at the rest of the website but waiting till I have ample drool time.

I hope you had a great weekend! Ours was once again busy, busy; renovating anything we can get our paint covered, stapled gunned, thrifty little hands on. This weekend we focused on inside furnishings- who knew there was so much work involved. The way I used to do it was

Step 1. Buy a piece of furniture with promise
Step 2. Paint it my favorite color at the time
Step 3. Put painted furniture in its spot before waiting for it to dry properly.

Well, Ref, apparently I was doing it wrong. According to John, there is a LOT more work involved in furniture restoration than I originally thought (and wished). Apparently it needs to be stripped back, sanded, undercoated (twice!) then painted twice, sometimes 3 times. With all this ‘new’ stuff that needs to be done, it takes longer than originally anticipated so I can’t show you finished product, only works in progress. Oh and Spencer, because I couldn’t resist.

With the dining chairs, I am going to re upholster the cushions and was thinking of splashing out on 2 x 1 metres of fabric that I love and was thinking the website you showed me might be a good start or maybe a little Amy Butler number.. Crazy, I know. We also started on the shack’s makeover into Moroccan inspired outdoor area extravaganza. We have only cut the windows at this stage, but it’s a start!

^ Getting started Saturday Morning.. Spencer overseeing the worksite. See the little path I have built down the side too! We knocked the bbq down last week and used the bricks for the path- there is another one behind the carport too). I have also left room behind the tree to put in another vege garden and used some barrells I 'found' to make compost bins.

^ Finding crafty ways to dry the paint. I think the frames and table legs look quite creative!

^ My $15 ebay table find. We picked it up on Saturday morning in Kev's mini moke. Was quite funny driving down the GC highway, wind in our hair, Spencer on my lap, table hanging off the back. Note: Beer. No wine.

^ The windows have been cut! Now the air can come on through to dry our masterpieces. We are going to put a window at the back too.

^ The windows from the outside, the growing vege garden and Johns bum.

^ The captain inspecting my paint work- after a couple of beers it is amazing how many spots you miss!

^ The set of drawers that were our $5 garage sale find and the dining chairs that are eagerly waiting some Amy Butler love.

^ The master crafstman.

^ Oohhhhhh, oogie woogie mcgoogie. Testing out my new photo taking tips on the cutest dog alive..

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